With 300 employees, having 10 million pcs production capacity  and thanks to our own design center ,today we are the leading exporter of   towel, bathrobe, bed linen, adult&baby homewear units to more than 50 countries all around the World.


Woven fabrics produced on weaving looms with various yarn qualities, are prioritised ultra softness, high absorbency and quality, are become into elegant, comfortable and useful products thanks to of our designers’s imaginations.Bathrobes, towels, hair caps, bathmats, Washing Glove and slippers can be produced from low to high weights.


We produce bedding sets, bedspreads, sheets and pillowcases which are resistant to abrasion, antibacterial, absorb moisture and sweat well, create a feeling of coolness, have a shiny and soft texture, and will add elegance to bedrooms with embroidery and color alternatives. We produce bedding sets, bedspreads, sheets and pillow covers that have a bright, soft texture, feels cool,resistant to abrasion,anti-bacterial,good absorbing moisture and sweat with varieties embroidery and color alternatives to have elegant bedrooms.


In the home wear group, comfort and quality are presented at the highest level with the collections prepared with both woven and knitted fabrics. Elegant models have been created with the combined use of knitted and woven fabrics. Dressing gowns, dresses, shorts or long trousers, sleeveless top, short and long sleeved t-shirts, sleeping masks, house shoes, slippers are presented our homewear collection.


Your home will have a different atmosphere with domestic life products with various colors, patterns, sizes and contents. While giving a magic touch your home,you will have more beautiful ambiance thanks to high quality .


All baby/children's group products from bamboo and organic cotton yarns are carefully and exclusively produced to match your baby's skin. They are produced from fabrics which having special content like breathable, blousily , soft texture. They are high quality products.


We design beach and spa products in different weaving structures from low to high weights. You can reach high water absorbency in beach towels and spa towels matched by the correct combination of bamboo and cotton content. Especially for the beach towels, instead of carrying towels, you can use one side terry beach towels that catch attention with their lightness and dry quickly.