Woven fabrics produced on weaving looms with various yarn qualities, are prioritised ultra softness, high absorbency and quality, are become into elegant, comfortable and useful products thanks to of our designers’s imaginations.Bathrobes, towels, hair caps, bathmats, Washing Glove and slippers can be produced from low to high weights.


    Towels designed in various colors, patterns and sizes, in dobby terry, velvet, microfiber, waffle textures.

    Bamboo cotton blended towel

    Cotton towel

    Organic cotton towel

    Polyester cotton blended towel

    Linen cotton blended towel 

    Modal cotton blended towel

    Microfiber towel

    Yarn dyed towel

    Jacquard towel

    Printed, embroidered, stone-printed towel


    Quick-drying, highly absorbent bathrobes in dobby terry, velvet, microfiber, waffle textures.

    Bamboo cotton blended bathrobe

    Cotton bathrobe

    Organic cotton bathrobe

    Polyester cotton blended bathrobe

    Linen cotton blended bathrobe

    Yarn dyed bathrobe

    Jacquard bathrobe

    Muslin bathrobe

    Printed, embroidered bathrobes


    Dobby terry, velvet, waffle textures bathmat

    Bamboo cotton blended bathmat

    Cotton, organic cotton bathmat

    Polyester cotton blended bathmat

    Yarn dyed bathmat

    Jacquard bathmat

    Printed, embroidered bathmat


    Dobby terry, velvet, waffle textures hair restraint

    Bamboo cotton blended hair restraint

    Cotton, organic cotton hair restraint

    Polyester cotton blended hair restraint

    Yarn dyed hair restraint

    Jacquard hair restraint

    Printed, embroidered hair restraint



    Dobby terry , waffle texture washing glove

    Bamboo cotton blended washing glove

    Cotton, organic cotton washing glove

    Polyester cotton blended washing glove

    Yarn dyed washing glove

    Jacquard washing glove

    Printed, embroidered washing glove


    Dobby terry, velvet, waffle textures slippers

    Bamboo cotton blended slippers

    Cotton, organic cotton slippers

    Polyester cotton blended slippers

    Yarn dyed slippers

    Jacquard slippers

    Printed, embroidered slippers