SAP Supported Production Management

We manage our business' financial transactions, product lifecycles and supply chain activities with using SAP S/4HANA.

Inter-process connections, data analysis, data managements,
Performance evaluation
Correct and effective resource management
Purchasing-Logistic processes
Sales, customer management
HR Processes, Entry-Exit, Personnel Files management
It has various analytical functions such as reporting and decision making.

Innovative Production Technologies

In addition to the production technologies suitable for the fabric type, we use automatic machines that ensure our quality is sustained.

Ultrasonic cutting technology with Gerber Paragon HX-Series
Automatic width sewing machines
Computer aided newest weaving looms
Laboratory for tests and analysis
Sewing machines suitable for different fabrics

Nominative Manufacturing Methods

We use quick and nominiative production techniques in production and administrative processes with the philosophy of zero work accidents, zero customer complaints and minimum waste in order to offer excellent value to our customers and increase our company profitability.

On time delivery
5s applications
Kaizen studies
Problem solving exercises
Asaichi meetings
production balancing works